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Food & Drink

© Studio Rouge

Wedding food made with love

Your wedding at Davenport House is a chance to gather with friends and family, celebrating a joyous occasion and indulging in a fine dining experience that will forever hold a special place in your heart.

Quality and creativity

We are delighted to introduce Galloping Gourmet as our specialist wedding event planners and caterers. Along with our outstanding on-site chefs and kitchen team, we will work closely with you every step of the way, inviting you to choose each element of your bespoke menu at a dedicated Tasting Event. Alongside every menu is, of course, exceptional style and service.

Your wedding breakfast

Your chosen menu will be expertly and imaginatively prepared on site by our head chef and his talented team, using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, sourced from hand-picked suppliers. Creating food of the highest standard, with love and from the heart, our chefs are also highly trained to cater for all dietary requirements, looking after every guest at your wedding.

As day turns to night

Fine food comes into play once more during your evening celebration. As music and laughter fill the air and the exceptional wine flows, our events team can create a veritable feast to delight your guests. You might choose to have a fire pit barbecue or authentic wood-fired pizza. From wok food to chef stations, our evening street food creates an element of theatre, exciting your guests and offering wonderful fragrances and vibrant colours.

Service with much more than just a smile

© Lydia Stamps

A venue like no other

A reception to remember is the best way to celebrate your wedding, and Davenport House has everything you need to make yours really stand out. Enjoy cocktails and canapés on the lawn, treat your guests to a feast of the finest standard and dance the night away in incredible surroundings.

Be part of our story

Find out more about holding your wedding at this enchanting wedding venue in Shropshire by getting in touch with us today. You can check if your perfect date is free, explore the venue in our wedding brochure, or arrange to come and see it for yourself, all by using the buttons below.