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Perfect Preparation Tips for Your Big Day

Inspiration - 29.01.19

Perfect Preparation Tips for Your Big Day

Plan, Plan, Plan

As soon as you start organising your wedding, set up a timeline and give yourself tasks to complete every week, from finding the perfect venue to dress shopping and even having your nails painted.  Staying organised is the key to being stress free! Try to keep the week before your wedding as clear as possible so that you can focus on relaxing, attending any beauty treatments and finalising those last minute details.

Don’t Forget your Hair and Make-Up

While you’re likely to spend time looking at florists and photographers and deciding on the perfect menu, remember to consider your beauty regime on the day. If you would like to call in the professionals, do a little research to see whose style you like and find out whether they will come to you on the morning of your wedding.

Have a Beauty Regime

With your wedding date set, it’s time to consider your beauty regime, looking after your skin and nails so they look their best on your special day and on your honeymoon. At Davenport House, we love Heaven Skincare – the perfect products for your bridal glow.

A bride taking time in her beauty regime to make sure her skin is perfect for the big day

Take Time Out

When your in the midst of organising your special day, it’s important to take some time out. Put the notebooks away and agree not to talk about wedding planning for at least one day a week. You might even go away for a ‘wedding free weekend’.

A bride and groom taking time together before their wedding day & couple-beach-wedding-preparation-tips
A couple hand in hand enjoying a day away at the beach


While it might feel easier to do everything yourself, you don’t need to. Ask your bridesmaids, ushers or parents for a little helping hand – chances are, they will be delighted. And, when it comes to the day itself, you can relax in the knowledge that the team at Davenport House will have everything under control.

Eat Well

While it might be tempting to skip meals to lose a few pounds, or perhaps you’re just so busy that you forget to eat, this is the time you should be looking after your nutritional health. A healthy diet will give you energy and keep your skin looking great. Of course, make sure you drink plenty of water too.

A bowl of vegetables ready to give the bride a wedding day glow
Staying hydrated is the key to perfect wedding day skin


As your big day draws closer, try to go to bed a little earlier than usual. As well as keeping you on your toes for the big day, your skin will retain a healthier glow. Allow plenty of time between your hen night and the wedding day!

retain a healthy glow on your wedding day by getting enough sleep in the weeks leading up to it

On the Day Itself…

  • Allow plenty of time to get ready.
  • Pack something pretty to wear while you get ready – perhaps pyjamas or a cosy robe.
  • Eat breakfast (and lunch, depending on the time of your ceremony).
  • Pamper yourself, perhaps with a lovely bath and some calming scents.
  • Play your favourite music.
  • Pop the bubbly – but just a glass!
  • Take some pre-ceremony photographs.

If you would like to discuss your wedding plans, we would love to chat to you. Simply call our friendly team on 01746 866333 or contact us online.

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