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Six Ways to Take Your Wedding Day from Day to Night

Inspiration - 16.05.19

Six Ways to Take Your Wedding Day from Day to Night

While you’re likely to spend a lot of time thinking about your romantic ceremony and wedding breakfast, be sure to put as much thought in to your evening celebration. From personalised cocktails to live music, at Davenport House we’re here to make sure your party is one to remember!

1. Make an Entrance

As the wedding breakfast draws to a close, guests often enjoy a ‘lull’ in proceedings before the evening celebrations begin. Take this opportunity to freshen up before making your entrance down the grand staircase at Davenport House. Indeed, think of your party as a separate entity. You might even decide to get changed or to add different accessories to your dress.

2. Welcome your Guests

Regardless of whether you invite additional evening guests to your wedding, be sure to greet your friends and family once again, welcoming them to your fabulous party. Change the ambience through lighting and introduce the party vibe with your chosen music and entertainment.

3. Get Personal

Personalised elements make a wedding extra special and can be achieved with little expense. When making your wedding day plan, chat to Galloping Gourmet about creating some personalised cocktails for your evening party. It’s fun to offer a choice with two contrasting cocktails. You might have one ‘for him’ and one ‘for her’!

4. Consider the Dining Experience

Gone are the days of the unimaginative buffet. At Davenport House, our evening dining options are exceptional, exciting and even theatrical. Speak to the team at Galloping Gourmet, whether you love the idea of tantalising street food, a fabulous barbecue or perhaps just an exquisite cheese board.

5. Entertain

Every great party has some form of entertainment and music is perhaps the key element, whether you have a DJ or live band. At Davenport House, we hope you’ll make the most of all our beautiful spaces. You might, for example, ask a close-up magician to mingle with guests in the Great Hall or organise a treasure hunt or garden games on the lawn. Capture memories with a photo booth or delight guests with a fun gin bar. The choice is yours.

6. End on a High

Alas, every good thing must come to an end and it’s lovely to make your finale as dramatic and memorable as your entrance. Music plays a part with a rousing final track on the dance floor. As guests leave, you might give them a parting gift and it’s a lovely idea to create a tunnel with sparklers on the front steps of the house. Of course, the beauty of Davenport House is that you and your closest friends and family don’t have to leave – you can spend the night in our luxurious accommodation.

If you have yet to visit Davenport House, we would love to show you everything our wonderful venue has to offer. Simply call our friendly team on 01746 866333 or contact us online.

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